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Listening to the music of NOELLE McFARLAND is like drinking a rich, warm latte with notes of James Bay and Maggie Rogers. The indie singer/songwriter’s soulful & dynamic vocals are met with clever, personal lyrics and a childhood serenaded by classic rock, funk/soul, and singer-songwriter icons. With a lot to say and beautiful ways to say it, Noelle McFarland's music has effortlessly captured the attention and the hearts of her audiences for over a decade.


Previously known as Noelle Smith, the young vocalist hails from many hometowns: the first of which is where she wrote her first song at age seven, documented in a purple Hannah Montana journal. After receiving a guitar as a Christmas gift in 2009, Noelle began taking lessons in guitar and voice, entering into talent shows and open mics, and posting YouTube videos. She performed her first paid gig at a dairy bar in Connecticut at the age of 12, for a small amount of cash and all the free ice cream she wanted. Throughout middle school and high school, Noelle continued to develop an online presence through YouTube and other social media platforms in addition to performing frequently at local restaurants, event venues, and festivals in Eastern North Carolina. Her songwriting narrated these years of her life, as she juggled a primitive music career with an active social life, academics, extracurriculars like choir and musical theatre, young love, and subsequently, young heartbreak.

In 2018, the young singer/songwriter moved to Nashville, TN to attend Belmont University and deep-dive into the music industry. In October 2020, Noelle released a self-produced EP entitled “Songs From My Room,” her third and most successful published project to date. She spent her college years learning about the entertainment industry, collaborating with peers, and performing in writers rounds and acoustic gigs around Nashville. Her musical influences cover a wide range of genres: her lyrics have the witty storytelling quality of Taylor Swift and pop country music, from which she first learned the art of songwriting; her sound is reminiscent of James Bay, Maggie Rogers, and the classic rock, funk, & soul she grew up listening to in the car with her parents. Perhaps most memorable is her voice, whose rich, warm tonal quality has been compared to legendary singers like Joan Baez and Linda Ronstadt.

Following graduation in December 2021, Noelle McFarland hopes to utilize her musical gift to spread positivity and kindness by releasing and performing music that excites her as an artist. Born with Grade 3 Microtia & Atresia in the right ear, the musician is also an advocate for the MA community as well as the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing community. Noelle is a "sunlight junkie" with a particular love for cats, concerts, and any dip commonly paired with chips. She always has room for more friends, so please feel welcome to reach out via her social media or

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